NSX Yumi

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Weapon Type: Assault Rifle
Can Use: Icon Combat Medic.pngIcon Engineer.png
Fire Rate: 250 RPM
Muzzle Velocity: 580m/s
Range: Long
Max Damage: 167 before 10m
Min Damage: 125 after 90m
Reload Speed
Short Reload: 1.8s
Long Reload: 2.5s
Magazine Size: 30
Ammunition Pool: 210
Hip Aim
Crouch Still: 2 0.03
Move: 2.25 0.15
Stand Still: 2.5 0.03
Move: 3 0.15
Bloom per Shot: 0.12 0.05

The Yumi burst rifle is capable of, after a short delay, unleashing a rapid five round volley. With proper shot placement, Yumi can strike down mid-range targets more quickly than most weapons in its class. All factions can use NS weapons.